Placements and Outcomes

It’s kind of obvious, you’re seeking to join IIT Madras to leave it in a few years— for a fabulous job, for higher ed, for greener pastures. In the years you are on campus, you will build your skills, personality, have pet projects, maybe a start-up, etc. There are limitless ways for you to set yourself up for success. Let’s explore the outcomes. 

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We know that your first concern as aspirants (or parents of aspirants) is placements. Have no fear! IIT Madras has a stellar placement record. Let us tell you a bit more about how it works. 

Higher Studies

Many students continue their academic journey after IIT Madras—MTechs, MBAs, Ph.Ds, examinations like UPSC, etc. With the great foundation that IIT Madras offers, students walk an easy path when specialising in their niches at pioneering institutions worldwide. 


Besides placements or higher studies, IIT Madras encourages its students to pursue their non-academic interests. With a well-developed entrepreneurship and innovation stack, including the IITM Research Park, the Centre for Innovation, Nirmaan, and the IITM Incubation Cell, students at IIT Madras have a venue to pursue novel entrepreneurial ideas. 

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